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What We Know

There are some surprising facts about the Gabriola community that you may not know. Key indicators of community-wide trends can be found in four recent reports.

1. The Gabriola Health Report 2020
2. Gabriola Beyond Recovery 2020
3. CHSA Data and Census 2021 Data

4. Health and Wellbeing on Gabriola, Mudge and DeCourcy Islands – Looking to the Future (2023)

These reports may be useful for context and background information, which you may want to draw from as you complete the survey.

Some examples of these key indicators are below.

Gaps in Healthcare

By June 2022, Gabriola will only have 2 doctors and
1 Nurse Practitioner to manage the medical care of a community of 4,500

1 in 65 Gabriolans
is homeless

Mental Health

Our already high rates of mood disorder (depression and anxiety) have recently worsened by COVID due to financial insecurity and a lack of local services

24.9% of the total population and
38.4% of youth on Gabriola are low-income


Housing Affordability

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 4.22.44 PM.png

Food Security

1,300 meals are provided to children, adults, and seniors each month by People for a Healthy Community

The UN’s target for protected lands is 17%.


Approximately 12% of Gabriola is currently protected


Children and youth:
7.5% of the population

Age 65+:
44.3% of the population

Library Usage

75% of Gabriolans have library cards, compared to 36% of Nanaimo residents

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